Welcome to 360ME! Now let me tell you a bit about why I've added this new section. I keep meeting amazing women (men as well) who tell me that they are inspired and motivated by the interviews in 'In Conversation', which is wonderful because it proves that there is power in the shared story: You've been asking for help in turning that inspiration into something more tangible, for help with findng, owning and using your voice: for support with conquering the little behaviours that get in the way of your next step, that prevent you from manifesting your goals whatever those goals are career or personal. So this is it, this is where I will provide you with the tools for change, growth and enablement with the help of various resources such as 'How to' guides, podcasts, great book & event suggestions, as well as 360me events which will include Coaching, seminars and workshops, all designed for you. 

So you want to become a better leader, manager or supervisor [part 1]

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Coaching and Canapes

The first 360ME 'Coaching and Canapes' evening is coming soon! You'll have the opportunity to be coached in a relaxed atmosphere on a particular topic.......

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Dare to ....let go (it’s the only way to grow)

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