About me

About me

Who am I?

1. I am an advocate, thinker, facilitator and advisor on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Development and Women in business with a specific emphasis on diversity. I also coach and facilitate workshops in personal development, growth and success. I work with Non Profits and SME'S in the areas of Leadership Development, Employee Engagement/motivation and making diversity programs real.

2. As an entrepreneur I have over 30 years business experience (yes, my dynamic and fearless parents started me young) in Health & Social Care, Recruitment, Fashion, Academia and always as 'Brand Me'. I am joint CEO of a private sector care business and more recently Leadership3sixty and wowbeauty. My eclectic background has given me ample opportunities to explore leadership, entrepreneurship and self development. I am not an expert. I am a passionate explorer with a lifetime of business experience to share.

3. There are 3 key threads that have consistently run through my career and it is the alignment of these that led me to launch Leadership3sixty: They are; limitless Potential, Authentic and Diverse leadership, and people's stories, especially stories of entrepreneurs, changemakers and those working to make a difference, who to my mind are often unsung heros and sheroes.

4. In my professional life I have had the opportunity to talk with and listen to all sorts of amazing and diverse people from many different walks of life. I love the richness of life walks.

5. Leadership3sixty is where my passion for diversity in leadership and entrepreneurship in a global context merges with a love of sharing stories. Stories are powerful.  That's it...Plain and simple.

Denise O Rabor Founder