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22nd June 2014

Say hello to your goals ....again

Its time for a review. So here we are …its June! Yes June is here already! Not so long ago we were contemplating the new year and planning how awesome it was going to be; many of us who know that mere ‘resolutions’ no longer cut it, as they are now deemed passé and restrictive, went about setting ourselves some GOALS.

Goals sound sexy don’t they? It’s a one syllable word that just roles off the tongue and not only that, we can have different types of goals; short term, medium term, long term, stretch goals, life goals, performance goals, business goals etc….the possibilities are endless!

The great thing about goals is that they can be given a time frame, within which there is the ability to review and re align them. For example if your goal is to read one book per month, if you have a week where you don’t do any reading your goal is still attainable, if you read more in the following three weeks. Well structured goals are more forgiving, they allow us to be human and we are less likely to beat ourselves up or give up on them.

So …where are you now with the goals that you set at the start of the year? Today, this minute? This is the time to be honest. How many of your goals are still in existence and more importantly, how often have you sat down to review them and monitor your progress? If all is well and you and your goals are still on friendly terms, and you are achieving them, then read no further. 
BUT if there is any doubt ….here are some reminders [these are for my benefit as well as yours, as some of my stretch goals are in danger of stretching into next year]

1- W-R-I-T-E them down! There is nothing as empowering as putting your goals on paper, seeing them on paper gives them a life of their own..it makes them real. If you are a visual person, make a vision board of your goals. Once you’ve documented your goals put them in places where you’ll be able to revisit them regularly eg. Your closet door, on your phone, desk drawer, tablet, purse, wallet…basically anywhere that you look at regularly.

2- Once they are written, think about them in terms of SMART: Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, Time bound . it’s important that they can fit in with your life, as there’s no point in setting goals that you can only dream about but can’t action.

3- Now this may seem obvious, but make sure that these are your heartfelt goals and not the goals that you think you should have….ultimately for goal setting to really work, we have to own our goals, thoroughly and completely for them to come to life.

4- Focus on the HOW! How am I going to make these goals happen? Make a plan. So if it’s reading one book a month…when will you read? Morning upon waking, lunchtime or before bed? What will make it easier? A kindle ? carrying a book in your bag, car?  Whatever your goals are, you need a plan to support them.                      

5- If some of your goals are business goals, and you are not completely sure how to achieve them, seek help; This help could be in the form of a coach or mentor, or even a friend or colleague with expertise in your area of need.

At the end of the day our goals should be a positive part of our lives that enhance our experiences and contribute to our growth. So what are you waiting for? Go and get cosy with your goals!