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13th March 2015


Spring is in the air! The year is really in its groove now and many of us find ourselves in reflective mode. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to revisit the mislaid goals that we set at the start of the year. Some of us who are contemplating the last 12 months or so may be satisfied with the fact that we’ve made some satisfactory progress, and are happy to move forward with the intension of making some more ‘satisfactory’ progress. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this…it is progress after all!

But, here is the question: when you dig deeper and retrace your steps month by month, can you see where the magic happened? How much self-work did you get done? How many new connections did you make? How much closer did you get to your ‘endgame’? How many Celebratory moments were there? How many times did you tell yourself that you could have/should have done better? As we answer these questions, we can see what worked really well, what didn’t and now there as winter crawls away, we can take the opportunity to review, assess and re-commit.

Tip:1 if you don't already ...try making daily notes somewhere, in a diary, on your iPad or your phone allowing you to jot down pluses and minuses of each week or month.

Tip:2 OWN YOUR GOALS! Don’t set goals based on other people’s opinions…they have to be yours. Your vision for you. What will success look like to you?

Tip:3 keep your goals relevant to your stage in life: the best way to do this is to keep reviewing your progress and ask yourself if you still need this goal, does it need to evolve

Tip:4 Don't settle for what you think you can get or what seems reasonable; When setting your goals set aside all of your insecurities and limiting beliefs!

Tip:5 Think S-T-R-E-T-C-H! This means that you challenge yourself, you push yourself and you hold yourself accountable!

Seriously, you have to believe that anything is possible because then and only then does everything become possible!

It doesn't matter whether your goals relate to personal achievement, professional growth or anything else, the fact is that by setting STRETCH goals you are challenging yourself to seriously think about how to get from where you are now to where you want to be (short term to med term) and you are challenging yourself to MAKE IT HAPPEN. A stretch goal should be exciting as well as a little scary ...for example:

A regular goal would be - 'I plan to make new connections this year'

The stretch version would be - 'I will make 10 new connections per month'

It's a bit like trying to get fit on a treadmill …keep using it at the same skill level and speed and you’ll get nowhere. If you push yourself harder each time by increasing the skill level and speed you’ll see results.

There is nothing as empowering as putting your goals on paper: seeing them on paper gives them a life of their own. If you are a visual person, make a vision board of your goals and make copies.

Once they are written, think about them in terms of SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time bound . it’s important that they can fit in with your life, as there’s no point in setting goals that you can only dream about but can’t action.Once you’ve documented your goals, put them in places where you’ll be able to revisit them regularly eg. Your closet door, on your phone, desk drawer, tablet, purse, wallet…basically anywhere that you look (see my goals blog post http://leadership3sixty.com/blog/article/say-hello-to-your-goals-....again) As with all goals you need to do something towards fulfilling them on a daily basis.

So what are you waiting for? Start now....S-T-R-E-T-C-H.