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17th May 2013

Leadership is sexy!

The subject of leadership and leaders has become ‘sexy', it's exciting and attracts a lot of attention. There is an almost mystical air around the subject and it's almost become a celebrity in its own right! This process really snowballed in the eighties when there was a proliferation of books and articles discussing leadership style etc…Today wherever we look we can find articles on leadership, interviews with leaders, books by and about leaders and not just in the traditional spheres of business or politics, but in almost all spheres of our daily lives eg fashion, sport, healthcare. We are consumed by the seemingly eternal search for the ideal in leadership and this has only been intensified by the sheer maelstrom of global events where dysfunctional leaders are being exposed, challenged and toppled!

So, what next for leadership? Well here at Leadership3sixty we believe that the emerging conversation needs to consider leadership in an all encompassing cultural context, celebrating diverse leaders and giving voice to their experience. Leadership theory should be all inclusive; female and ethnically diverse leaders need to be an integral part of the emerging paradigm.

Leadership3sixty says it's time that gender, ethnicity and culture are no longer a 'special agenda' item. We are making it the norm. Our mission is to share our point of view and your experiences by encompassing ALL people and only highlighting the superb as Leadership3sixty sees it.