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23rd January 2014

Delegation is an art!

It seems that because entrepreneurs are so used to doing pretty much everything themselves in the early stages of their business, they find it incredibly difficult to delegate when they are finally in a position to hire and start building a team.
There are numerous explanations for this such as ..

FEAR...Of course it’s scary to contemplate bringing someone in to work with you in your business: you worry that they won’t understand your ways of working, your vision etc…
Then there are Issues of EGO...the idea that you are the only person in the world who could possibly understand your spreadsheets. The phrases that we hear most often are:   ‘no one can do this as well as me’ and ‘This is my baby’...which ones are you guilty of saying?

The next big one is TRUST.  Now of course those of you who are fans of television dramas like ‘Damages’ and ‘House of Cards’ etc..have probably adopted the mantra of “trust no one” and may struggle with the concept of having to trust someone else with aspects of your business..But you have to accept that there are some very talented people out in the world, whose skill sets could add value to your business and who may (dare I say it) actually be more effective at certain tasks than you: after all how many times have you read an interview with some millionaire business person whose said that it’s critical to hire people who are better than you, so that you can learn from them?

Why delegate? The best way to answer this question is to review your last month…have a look at your  ‘to do’ list: how much of your valuable time that could have been spent on developing your brand was spent dealing with repetitive or tedious tasks that drained you of energy and left you too exhausted to utilise your entrepreneurial skill set?
You are your businesses biggest asset and it’s worth taking the time to sit down and put a value on your time and skill set: is the business getting a tangible ROI on you?  So while you may think that you don’t want to delegate or spend money on hiring, this may prove to be a false economy.

Cost: for small businesses who need to hire assistance cost can be a big issue but..You don’t have to employ a full time person, you can go for part time: and if that’s too expensive you can hire people in when you need them by using services like ‘people per hour’. Depending on what you need to delegate, there is also the option of taking someone on an internship, which can introduce some great talent to your business.

One of the secrets to effective delegation is knowing HOW to delegate ...
A.  NEVER EVER delegate when you are under pressure or in a hurry! Delegation is an art form and it requires time and attention.
B. Take a good objective look at all that you do and list what only you can do effectively as opposed to what doesn’t require your full input.
C. Have a meeting with the person that you would like to delegate to, share your desired outcomes and expectations with them and assure them that you are there to support them if they run into difficulties.....
D. It's really important to share your story....the vision of the company....when people understand they are more likely to engage ....don't treat them like outsiders ...bring them in!
E. Remember delegation is not a one off event...you have to show the person what you want done, how to do it and then you have to follow up, to ensure that they are supported and managing the task.

The second secret is knowing WHAT to delegate..
A. The main thing is to delegate things that can be done just as well by someone else…maybe not in the same way that you would do it, but with the same end result.
B. It could be that you are overwhelmed with email inquiries or managing your social media or perhaps you need to set up new filing or operating systems....
C. What you delegate will be specific to your business.

And the last secret is knowing WHO to delegate to....
A. You can't delegate to just anyone...you have to assess the skills of the person to ensure that they are right for the task.
B. Make sure that they have the time in their schedule to manage the tasks effectively.

Benefits of effective delegating....
More TIME! More time to plan, and develop your business. More headspace to focus on growth...no matter how great  you are at  PR, accounts or marketing you cannot grow a successful  business if you are trying to do everything….so lose control and delegate!